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Continued: Our Founder

On that cold November evening, I had gone to the local mall with an old  friend.  I arrived at the location and I walked up a flight of stairs. When out of the blue, I had a disturbing pain in my chest.  It lasted for several minutes and caused me a tremendous amount of discomfort. I had never had an experience like this before in my life.  So, I did not alarm my friend at the time.  As we began to walk, the discomfort subsided and I began to feel "normal" again".  I thought to myself, WOW!!  If that ever happens again, I will go to my doctor.  I thought it was a gas pain or some other type of anomaly and I forgot about it.

When I returned home later that evening I went upstairs to get ready for bed.  As I got to the top of the stairs to my room, the exact event returned with a more intense and frightening pain.  A pain to which trumped my experience earlier that evening at the mall.  I did not want to alarm my wife and as the pain subsided again, I made the promise to myself to go and see my doctor!  I saw him the very next day.  


My primary care physician could not definitively determine what these recently experienced events could be.  He called a colleague of his who was associated with a very prestigious medical hospital in our area and got me right in to see him.  Upon the completion of a state of the art, nuclear "Stress Test" it was determined that there was no blood flowing to the bottom part of my heart.  At this time it was officially determined that something was not normal and a cardiac catheterization procedure was immediately scheduled.  As I broke the news to my wife, I could see the fear in her eyes.  The first and obvious question she had was "how can this be"?  He is in very good health!! 


​After the cardiac catheterization procedure was performed, it was determined I had a condition known as "Cardio Myopathy".  A phrase I had never heard of and simply could not get my head around.  At that point in time, I could not understand how this could  be happening to me?  I am a 48 year old, healthy and happy person with a beautiful life and family that would like to keep me around a little while longer. My life was in immediate turmoil.  

​We began to treat this condition with everything modern medicine had to offer.  Many different types of drugs.  At any given time in the treatment, I was on at least eight and as much as twelve different medications at one time.  This went on for up to a year and a half with constant doctor visits and physical therapy sessions to combat this diagnosis.  My 80 year old father-in-law drove me to all my appointments.  He wanted to make sure I made every appointment and PT session.  He did not want his grand-kids without a dad.  

While I was being treated with all of these medications, they caused me to become increasingly tired and lethargic.  As an owner of Nutraceutical Company, I began to research the natural energy options available to me.  I did not want to miss any PT appointments, as this would most certainly hinder my recovery.  However, I had almost zero energy to get the benefit needed for a quick recovery.  How could I recover quickly from this event if I could not make it through my PT sessions? This, in my opinion was the absolute birth of my energy brand.  I called it CoQ10-ERGY®.  Coenzyme Q10 is a very important antioxidant for your heart.  As I learned more about it, I consulted with many industry and health professionals to get a better understanding of how it worked and was it going to help me in any way.  My doctor strictly advised me to NOT consume the energy drinks on the market.  Excessive caffeine would only hurt my recovery!  He did however; welcome any introduction of coenzyme Q10 into my regimen.

Needless to say, I was a big believer and with further research and development, we came up with a prototype.  I used this prototype during my PT sessions and discovered I had the energy to get through those exhausting PT workouts and the path to my recovery was underway.  Since then, it has been reformulated and redefined as CoQ10-ERGY®Energy For Everyone.  It had to be a natural alternative to what the market was and still is today.  Now I'm not telling you it cured any part of me.  What I can surely tell you is that at a very important and critical stage of my life, CoQ10-ERGY® gave me the responsible energy I needed to get through those very tough workouts!  I credit the doctors and the medications provided to me post incident and I am thankful they did their job!  I truly believe and credit that prototype of my product that gave me the energy I needed to make it through every one of those intense physical therapy sessions.  Now that I have put this out there for everyone to try, I hope you may want to learn more and hopefully become a believer.  I use it every day!  And so can anyone!

I want you to know that after years of testing this unique product concept, I love to hear how it is a product that tastes great!  Most importantly, we hear constantly that it is not like anything out there.  The best compliment we hear is that it gets our patrons through their day with NO HIGHS, LOWS or CRASH!  That they just feel good all day!  This is why we call it "an energy drink revolution".  It is the result of our commitment to the perfect choice of ingredients that were engineered and included for our intended user.  Someone that sees the benefits like I did!  Energy for Everyone! The rest is history....

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, I hope this can give you a better perspective of how and why we think this is a great product for you and anyone looking for an alternative to today's crazy energy drink world, and please look for us in a retail location near you!  I guarantee you will love our  CoQ10-ERGY® line of products!

Yours in Good Health!


Kurt A. Van Tine, President/CEO


Heart Smart Nutraceuticals, Inc.